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At Executive Edge, we create an individualized plan based on your student's unique challenges. Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all curriculum doesn't apply to every student, our sessions emphasize key areas such as organization, time management, flexible thinking, emotional regulation, study skills, and effective strategies. We go beyond managing homework, projects, and calendars, extending to the creation of SMART goals.

Each session is meticulously crafted to suit the student's needs, incorporating a hand-picked curriculum. The ultimate objective is to guide students toward carrying over these skills more independently over time. For students grappling with executive functioning challenges, coaching becomes a vital tool in imparting these crucial skills. The overarching aim is to empower them to apply these skills autonomously throughout their daily routines.

Is Your Child Struggling With Executive Functioning?

Struggling With Attention
◦ Hyperfocus
◦ Inattention
◦ Consistently Off-task
Struggling With Learning?
◦ Difficulty problem-solving
◦ Unable to practice inferencing
◦ Doesn't learn from mistakes
◦ Poor generalization
Struggling With Behavior?
◦ Inappropriate emotional reactions
◦ Anxiety about new experiences
◦ Task avoidance & refusal
◦ Constant defiance
Struggling With Organization
◦ Missed assignments & deadlines
◦ Loses track of belongings
◦ Poor time management
◦ Takes longer than necessary for tasks
Struggling With Socialization
◦ Poor conversation participaton
◦ Constant blurting
◦ Often off topic
◦ Dominating the conversation
◦ Info-dumping
◦ Difficult interpreting other's actions

Others Areas Of Expertise For Student Support

Kindergarten Readiness Skills
Pre- writing & Handwriting Help For Writing Legibility, Letter Formation, & Working On Fine Motor Skills
Certified in an evidence based handwriting program
Elementary Literacy & Writing Support For Students Who Need A Multi Sensory Approach
Social Skills & Peer Relationship Building
Trained In Zones Of Regulation

How Do Our Programs Help You Child Thrive?

We use an analytical approach and exceptional clinical judgement to develop strategies and key initiatives to overcome barriers to student success. We effectively utilize resources and collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams and educational stakeholders when needed. We are flexible, solution oriented, creative, and student-centered.

Community Based

Ability to work with teachers, support staff and families to develop strategies for proactive behavior management.
Developing a nurturing, safe, and inclusive environment for students to flourish within an educational context.
Ability to remain calm and solution oriented when challenging situations arise and prioritize efficiently.

I'm Danielle, your child's new Student Support Specialist & Enrichment Coach.

As a dedicated and innovative educator, I leverage my clinical expertise as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, complemented by a background in psychology.

Serving as an ADHD & Executive Functioning Coach, I offer a holistic perspective to each client, tailoring my approach based on specialized knowledge in developmental areas. This enables me to meet clients at their unique abilities, implementing strategies to enrich learning, achieve educational goals, and address behaviors as necessary.

I find fulfillment in fostering connections with families and promoting enhanced collaboration with available staff. I'm excited to become a part of the team entrusted with helping your child reach their full potential.

1. Education

☑ Psychology, Bachelor Of Arts
☑ COTA/L (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant)
☑ Certified In Evidence-Based Handwriting Program

☑ Former Special Education Occupational Therapy Assistant
☑ Experience In Working With: ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Behavioral Challenges, Reading, & Writing
☑ Trained In Zones Of Regulation
☑ Reinforcement learning with students struggling in the classroom
☑ Focus on foundational learning skills
☑ Help with pre-writing, handwriting, & fine motor skills
☑ Writing & revising practice in narrative, opinion, and informative pieces
☑ Executive functioning, self-regulation, & social skills support


45 Minute Sessions
Condensed & actionable sessions to eliminate overwhelm & fatigue.
In Person & Online Sessions
Travel, Hosted, & Zoom sessions available.
Parent Support
Post-session follow up with parents & on-demand questions welcomed.
Flexible Scheduling
Abudant calendar opportunity to meet your schedule needs.

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